Symbol of peace, wisdom and eternity, olive tree is an exceptional tree source of real fascination. Its gnarled silhouette evokes the sun, heat and song of cicada. Its evergreen foliage makes one of the most beautiful trees. Today, it has gained an unprecedented success.

Olive tree derives its symbolic from an exceptional vegetation power. This tree with persisting leaves have an uncommon longevity. In spite of fire or frost, even if its trunk is destroyed, the olive tree grows again tirelessly, faithful to life, turning towards the light.


Olive trees live for many centuries and the serene beauty of mature subjects, their magnificent gnarled trunk underlines this impression of strength and wisdom which affect us so much. As a tree very tolerant to drought, the olive tree dreads moisture and requires moderate watering and it doesn’t tolerate exposure to strong winds.

The olive tree likes the sun, heat (south exposure), dry and well-drained soils, and long summers . Grown in Morocco for many centuries, it is a rustic tree indifferent to the nature of the soil. The most common variety in the Morocco is the Moroccan Picholine more commonly known as « Beldi ». Its performance depends on provided maintenance and irrigation.