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Over 80 years experience and excellence

FRAMACO is the story of a company who paved her way toward a remarkable success since its foundation by Mr. Ali Benkhaled and Mr. Jean Tramier.

For more than 80 years, FRAMACO has undergone a significant and a dynamic development; which enabled the company to acquire an ancestral expertise, establish its footprint in the market and create a product that marry tradition and quality.

Being committed to a policy based upon rigor, professionalism and efficiency, FRAMACO team seal their commitment to their clear objective

« Better Serve Our Customers »

That is why the head management of FRAMACO pays a particular attention to the acquisition of the latest technology. The company is equipped with modern production lines that facilitate the process of the supply chain along with advanced techniques of calibration and olives distribution. Every procedure is submitted to thorough and rigorous controls guarantying the good quality of our products and services. 

Moreover, the latest quality standards and the certification of each industrial process as well as the management tasks are implemented, and frequently updated.

Therefore, FRAMACO Company has established and strengthened its presence within the international market in which its products are well known for their outstanding quality.  Its experience and the quality of its products and services enabled FRAMACO to position itself among the industry leaders

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The New Products

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To crown all its efforts in terms of Quality, FRAMACO has obtained many certifications and which are continuously updated to meet the demand of the clients.