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  • The introduction of an interesting variety of olives recipes.
  • FRAMACO is in process of acquiring an organic certification.
  • Diversification of the olive range along with new recipes and packaging.

The Moroccan Offer at SIAL Exhibition 2018-Paris, France

Morocco took part in the international food and the agro alimentary- exhibition « SIAL 2018 » held in Paris from 21 to 25 October 2018. The Moroccan pavilion has housed more than 80 Moroccan exporting companies, with a large range of products reflecting the great diversity and dynamism of the Moroccan agro alimentary sector.

Agro alimentary News

A national olive production estimated at nearly 2 million tons during the current season.
Olive- growing, which covers more than 1.07 million hectares, knew an important increase in production for 2018-2019 crop year, which is estimated to be around 28%.