Having a solid experience, FRAMACO company, perfects the control of its products and refines its knowledge in the vegetal canning sector. 

To this end, our highly selective supply in olives coming from the best production areas in Morocco, our choice in matters of suppliers oriented to farmers able to provide a steady supply over the campaign, optimal and steady in terms of quality olives. «The caliber and aspect «of our products can confirm it. The olive being a fruit that cannot be eaten directly for various characteristics should be subjected to processing to get rid of its bitterness and enable its preservation through fermentation. The debittering process consists in placing the olives in an alkaline solution to remove the bitter principle, transform the sugars for fermentation of a subsequent and increase the permeability of the wall of the fruit. The olives are then rinsed several times to remove any residue and then they are covered with brine to enhance fermentation. Thus placed in vats or barrels, they can be kept many months before they are packed in our plant. Leader in canned olives and apricots, FRAMACO Company offers a wide range of products marketed under the brand: RIVAL, TRAMIER and brands of its loyal customers…

For all these marketed products, FRAMACO Company has installed traceability systems from reception to marketing. The commitment of producers and technological breakthroughs have enabled the company to record such a progress in this field.
Current concerns in terms of food safety have made of traceability a priority. It is the basis of the commitment to transparency and control of RIVAL product.

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